Summer is usually time for traveling and holidays (at least for many of us brought up in the North hemisphere). And so it is time to take your passport out of the drawer, re-check its validity and take a look at the stamps of the countries you have visited in the last years.

Likewise, we have thought that evaluation requires a lot of technical knowledge and skills, but not few emotional intelligence abilities. Moreover, your own life experience helps remarkably to be able to understand all kind of attitudes, behaviors and situations you can face when you are evaluating.

So we thought that gathering many of those experiences in a “life-passport” could help also as a credential of the evaluator or just to know her/him better. This could be eventually used in a more professional way or just for fun. Here is a very early version of the passport, in case you want to amuse yourself in filling it up…Eval fun passport v.1-01

Eval fun passport v.1-02

Eval fun passport v.1-03Eval fun passport v.1-04Eval fun passport v.1-05

You can find it in pdf format clicking here.

If you want to know more about yourself as an evaluator, you can visit our Paradigm test.

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